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Visi, Misi dan Tujuan


As one of academic supporting institutions FLDC gives good quality language services and sharpen students` conversational skill. The vision of University of Islam Malang is to be an excellent unit/institution in building good English competence and profession base on students` needs within the Islamic norms through teaching, reviewing, developing, and outreach programmes (English services)


  1. Giving   education and teaching for providing knowledge, shaping skills of English to help students to be successful in their learning and professions.
  2. Providing trainings and other language services for university members and beyond.
  3. Conducting research, review and outreach program.
  4. Developing sciences, skills, technology, and art of English well.

Goal of FLDC

  1. To enhance the university members` English competence for becoming a world class university.
  2. To give learning services and other language services dealing with English for special needs.
  3. To know the newest update of English.
  4. To deepen the knowledge of English and its role in learning English.
  5. To review result of the previous researches.